BC Purebred Sheep Breeders’ Association‘s purpose is to encourage a general and constant improvement in sheep breeding and a better organization of the interests of Purebred Sheep Breeders of the Province.

BC Sheep Federation’s mission is to promote sustained growth and development of a unified, market responsive, profitable, commercially viable sheep and wool industry in British Columbia.

Canadian Sheep Federation’s (CSF) mission is to represent all producers in providing leadership aimed at cooperative work among all levels of government and industry-related organizations, both domestic and foreign, to further the viability, growth and prosperity of the Canadian sheep, wool and dairy industry.

Canadian Sheep Breeders’ Association is an organization of over 1000 breeders of purebred sheep across Canada, representing over 40 breeds of sheep.

Flock & Farm Management

Biosecurity on your farm

Biosecurity planning guide

Scrapie Fact Sheet & program

Livestock Identification and Traceability program

Livestock Tag Reader Rebate program:

Premises Identification program:

Farm Premise ID

Food Safe Farm Practices

Sheep code of Practice

Grazing Sheep

Pasture Management – Organic

Sheep Feeding Guidelines (Courtesy of Hi-Pro Feeds)

Environmental Farm Plan

Environmental Farm Plan Program BCAC


 BC Meats - BC Meats for BC Families is an association of local meat producers providing sustainable and safe meats to BC families.  Our premium meats come directly from our producers to BC chefs, BC retailers and you, our BC families.


Canadian Sheep Federation’s monthly newsletter, From the Flock, provides the Canadian sheep industry with an update on CSF activities and compiles relevant news from across the globe.

The Messenger is the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency’s monthly newsletter.

Online Magazines

Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF)’s Points of View, a discussion forum on issues that are currently facing the industry.

The Ontario Sheep News is the official quarterly publication of the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency.

Pest Control

Managing animals Bats, raccoons, rodents

Predator Control

Livestock Protection Program: LPP

To Report Livestock Predator loss call 1-844-852-5788

Ministry of Environment, Conservation Officer Service

Wild Safe BC find out what wildlife has been seen in your area and has killed livestock

Guarding Animals

Herding Animals

Regulatory or Government Agencies

ARDCORP (BC Agriculture & Research Development corporation

BC Ministry of Agriculture

BCAC (BC Agriculture Council)


BC SPCA on farm animal welfare programs

Weed/Plant Control

Vegetation Management

Stock- Poisoning plants in Western Canada

Updated April 28, 2017