The LMSPA was founded in 1976 and at present has about 60 members.

The size of members’ flocks ranges from zero to 150 ewes, representing new owners, hobby farmers, purebred and commercial breeders, as well as spinners, weavers and other hobbyists.

The primary purpose of the association is:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange in ideas and knowledge between members.
  • To function as a source of education for the production and marketing of sheep and their related products.

Our goals are:

  • To achieve and maintain high standards in quality and productivity in sheep and wool production.
  • To educate the community in the uses and quality of our product.

We encourage people to join in the rewarding experience of raising sheep and lambs. Those already owning a flock or just wanting to learn more about sheep husbandry are cordially invited to join us.

The commitment of our members will help ensure growth and prosperity in the sheep industry, both locally and throughout British Columbia.